My First Book

Wanted to take a moment to share with all of you a very special project I am working on.

Over the past few years, my family and I have been repeatedly touched by stories of cancer, many of them very close to home. We continue to watch several friends and acquaintances fight their personal battles.  Last month (October), I was seeing “pink” everywhere to call attention to the fight against breast cancer. While on a Frontier Flight, in early October, I heard the stewardess offer pink candy bars for $4 to aid in the fight against breast cancer.  What?!  Since when does eating more candy help with the fight against cancer?

That’s when it dawned on me that many people do not realize the importance of nutrition in their ability to live a happy and healthy everyday life.  So I decided to do something about this.

Hypocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.”  I truly believe he penned one of the greatest concepts in all of medicine, but one that is so often forgotten.  It’s my desire to remind others of this great medical concept.  Presently, I am collecting and compiling original recipes from family, friends, and colleagues to include in my first e-book that will be about fighting/preventing cancer with nutrition. The recipes will focus on a select group of foods that have been shown to have anti-cancer (anti-angiogenic) properties.

The book will probably sell for around $10 and the majority of the proceeds  (everything except the expense to produce the book, if there is any) will go to charities that are involved with cancer prevention and treatment.

Would love to have more original recipes to add to the bookPlease think about a secret family recipe that you may be willing to share. If your recipe is selected to appear in the book (after it passes our family taste test), you will have a “personal spotlight” on the page with your recipe where you may wish to write a sentence or two about yourself or how cancer has impacted your life.  You may even want to include a website or blog address.

My ultimate goal is to raise the awareness surrounding the power of nutrition.  It’s also to raise some great funds for charity in a way that does not require others to give lots of money, as many are struggling during this tough economy.  This book “costs” only a few moments of your time.  You can help make a difference in the battle against cancer – and in the battle for better food.

If you are interested in participating, please post a comment with your email address and I will send you a list of the anti-angiogenic foods I am trying to focus on as well as some additional information.

Thanks so much for considering my request!  Eat and be well.


About betterhealthbyheather

My name is Heather Ferber and health and wellness are my passion. As a mother of 3, wife, health coach, entrepreneur, Ironman, and volunteer, I know that optimal health is essential to meeting life's ever growing daily demands. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry and an MD who lives in the house whom I can consult. I enjoy running, biking, swimming, wining, dining and raising my three little peeps. Along with my love of fitness, I am exploring the world of health, nutrition, and supplementation. I have spent many hours researching the formula for optimal health through diet, supplementation and exercise and I love to share my findings with friends, followers, and clients. Life is good! Get Better Health By Heather.
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2 Responses to My First Book

  1. Wendy Evans says:

    Love your posts Heather, esp this one. I love the idea and will think about sending you a few recipes. I had to laugh about the candy bar comment. This is so true and I’ve often been struck by the lack of connection betw food and health in this country. This is so prevalent in the hospitals. The food in the cafeterias and vending machines should offer food that’s good for your body, not chips, fries, sodas, and burgers. Back to the candy (and other sweets) though – I feel it is offered to kids everywhere; church programs, field trips, grocery stores, in bday gift packages, school, hair salons, and dr offices to name a few 🙂 As a nutrition focused mom, it drives me crazy. Good luck with this book!

    • Thanks for your kind words and comments Wendy. Would love for you to submit a recipe. I will email you my “formal” letter and list under separate cover. I completely agree with you regarding the mismatch between food and health in the US. It’s so very sad. I’m saddened by all the garbage my children are exposed to on a daily basis outside the home. Candy/sugar is everywhere! It’s no longer something “special” or a treat. It’s become a way of life. And it’s a way of life that is slowing killing our country. It’s very sad to see that more people do not care about themselves and the youth of this country….who are the future of our country. Will keep you posted on the progress of my book! Stay strong on your mission for good nutrition. There are more of us like you out there.

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