Surf and Turf

My blog post title probably creates, in many minds, a picture of a beautiful main entree at some fancy restaurant that combines seafood and meat, typically lobster and steak.  But surf and turf has taken on an entirely new meaning for me as I move through the weeks of tri-training.  (Since I committed to the Ironman 70.3 in 2012, I thought I had better complete at least one triathlon in my lifetime before the 70.3, so I’ve decided to do one in July of this year).

I’ve been enjoying the Elite beach as of late – more than I thought I would. Truly, the surf (a.k.a. swim) scares me the most in this training process. I HATE swimming and I HATE slimy things in lakes.  However, lately, I have been working on overcoming my fears.  I’ve been spending two days a week in the water trying not to freak out and trying not to do the breast stroke. LOL.  Today, I completed 40 non-stop laps which was just over .5 miles at the Elite beach; and in my mind, for the first time, I feel there may be a chance that I can complete the 70.3 (where I start by swimming 1.2 miles in Lake Michigan in a wet suit…have never put one on before!).  Prior to today, I wondered what the #$&! I was thinking in making this commitment.

The turf is much more comfortable to me.  Although “turf” usually refers to grass or manicured sporting greens, I think of the squishy padded floor under my spin bike and the belt on the treadmill as “my turf.”  Have been spending time doing back-to-back bike/run workouts at the club and looking forward to moving my training outdoors now that the weather is better…well, it was for two days.  Presently, I am comfortable with a 20 mile bike followed by a 5 mile run (need to get to a 56+ mile bike and 13.1 mile run….again….what the #&^! am I thinking!)

My definition of surf and turf  (formerly “lobster and steak”) has morphed into the hard work it is going to take to accomplish this fitness goal.  Perhaps, my reward in July of 2012, will be the biggest surf and turf meal of my lifetime 🙂  And if your idea of surf and turf is lounging on the beach on your fuzzy green turf towel, drop me a line and let’s talk.


About betterhealthbyheather

My name is Heather Ferber and health and wellness are my passion. As a mother of 3, wife, health coach, entrepreneur, Ironman, and volunteer, I know that optimal health is essential to meeting life's ever growing daily demands. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry and an MD who lives in the house whom I can consult. I enjoy running, biking, swimming, wining, dining and raising my three little peeps. Along with my love of fitness, I am exploring the world of health, nutrition, and supplementation. I have spent many hours researching the formula for optimal health through diet, supplementation and exercise and I love to share my findings with friends, followers, and clients. Life is good! Get Better Health By Heather.
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4 Responses to Surf and Turf

  1. Jennifer says:

    Heather! I had no idea of what 2012 held for you! I am beat tonight doing Pilates at 8am, a run at 9, and a few weights. I am uber impressed…keep up the amazing work. Really, 40 laps is only .5 miles? Note to self, stay out of the water. 🙂 Jen

    • No idea what 2012 holds for me either Jen 🙂 Just plugging away. I was told that 36 laps was .5 miles… I need to double that and then some. Truly, I try not to think about it too often or I feel overwhelmed. If I can swim 80 laps w/o stopping, by next July, I think I will be ok. Yes, I LOVE my treadmill and bike. Girl, you did a lot today! Way to go! And I’m sure you and Dani enjoy your workouts more now, after the past few years of challenges can be put on the back burner. Keep it up!!! And Callum misses you so much 😦

  2. darby says:

    Great post and sounds like your doing awesome! I’m just trying at this pt to get my booty out for a walk each day at this pt! thanks for the inspiration.

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