Ringing in the New Year

The start of another new year brings me to accept a new challenge – starting a blog.  And what better to blog about than what one has a passion for. One of my many passions is the world of fitness, health and wellness. Growing up, I was always involved in sports and activities: soccer, track, ballet, more soccer, piano and a few other fun things. All these activities were great for my body and brain and have helped make me the person I am today.  Many years and three little peeps later, my enjoyment of staying healthy continues  with running, biking, cross training, boxing, and the list goes on.  As a biology/chemistry major, who has been married to a physician for 12 years, I have also grown to better appreciate the tie in of nutrition and supplementation to my fitness world.  How wonderful to be able to share my insights, as well as my MD husband’s, with all our friends and family.

So it’s that time of year again – time to make your resolutions.  Time to reflect on your personal lifestyle and the changes that you may wish to make in order to be a happier and healthier individual in 2011.  Everyone has the same opportunity to start off fresh with a renewed sense of wellness and purpose.  May this be the year you stick to your resolutions (for more than a couple weeks).

Do you have a tough time sticking to those resolutions?  Well, I’m here to offer my help.  Follow my blog for some useful hints to improve your fitness, health and wellness in 2011.  I want my friends and family to all be around for a very long time! If there are topics you want to see discussed, email/post suggestions any time as I welcome your suggestions and direction.  This blog is going to guide my resolution to improve my personal health and the health of my family.

My personal fitness goal for 2011 is to get in shape to complete an Ironman 70.3 to commemorate my 40th birthday in the summer of 2012. Time to get my fitness game on!

May 2011 be the year you get the body and mind that you desire.  With a little hard work, sweat, proper nutrition, and personal care, you CAN achieve it!  BELIEVE it!


About betterhealthbyheather

My name is Heather Ferber and health and wellness are my passion. As a mother of 3, wife, health coach, entrepreneur, Ironman, and volunteer, I know that optimal health is essential to meeting life's ever growing daily demands. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry and an MD who lives in the house whom I can consult. I enjoy running, biking, swimming, wining, dining and raising my three little peeps. Along with my love of fitness, I am exploring the world of health, nutrition, and supplementation. I have spent many hours researching the formula for optimal health through diet, supplementation and exercise and I love to share my findings with friends, followers, and clients. Life is good! Get Better Health By Heather.
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6 Responses to Ringing in the New Year

  1. Love it Heather! I will subscribe…please help me get this 38 yr old butt into gear. Great goal for your 40th! I’ll be cheering you on. xo ~Jen

  2. eileen dupar says:

    Fantastic Heather! i will pass on to friends!

  3. Jill bradford says:

    Love it heather! I will give you all the support I can from far away for your ironman. Thanks for being such an inspirational mom.

  4. Chrissy Gruber says:

    You go, girlfriend! You can do this! Let me know if you ever want to go biking or running along the Northshore!

  5. Debbie York says:

    Hey! Thanks for the encouragement. I am desperately trying to get this body back to normal after the twins. I feel like I have a long road in front of me but can’t wait to try! Will look forward to your blog!

  6. Molly Fuglestad says:

    My sincere congratulations, Heather, in believing in yourself and body to achieve your goals! I couldn’t think of a better person to inspire others to be the best that he/she can be! You got me…friend, supporter, and fan of your blog! You go girl…I believe!!

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